The orange heroine rain cape

In preparation to hike and bike El Camino, the 500 and so miles across the North of Spain, I went on a search for the best possible rain cape. We – my pilgrim buddy Susie Q and myself – were told that in the region of Galicia and its mountains, there might be lots of […]

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Mama hiker finds a gem backpack.

My baby girl has just turned 10 months old! The journey of being a mama has been life affirming and beyond transformative…and along the way I have been, gently and as much as possible, choosing to remain in touch with myself and those things I have always loved to do-hiking and biking-  something that it […]

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Lesson 3: Finding your own pace

  Trigger: everyone passes you. If you think about it, Life is that ever present stage where we get to practice the act of “living”. Therefore, the nuances that you learn in a certain pose in Yoga, for example, are completely practical and relevant in your work space or with your friends, lover, etc. I […]

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Lesson 2: I can

Trigger: stubborn pain The Pyrenean, a range of mountains older than the Alps, form a natural boundary between France and Spain. As the story goes, there was a time that a princess named Pyrene was raped by a drunk, full of lust, Hercules. She became overwhelmed with shame and escaped to the mountains where she […]

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An army of women…

An army of women is walking the long route of El Camino. They walk and walk, sing, spend time with the animals inhabiting the passing lands, they rest under trees, they bond with other women. They tend their blisters and pains, pray, eat, drink wine, celebrate, cry. Some snore, some sleep in deep silence. It […]

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